About Us . . .

Our Mission: To manufacture and market high quality organic botanical remedies that are effective and affordable.

Rand Smith is a herbalist and founder of River City Herbals in Winnipeg, Canada. In the 1990s, he served as staff herbalist at Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver B.C., Canada's oldest and largest natural pharmacy.

After returning to his home town of Winnipeg in 1994, Rand was inspired to develop the formula for River City Herbals Calendula Ointment to relieve his own painfully dry skin condition caused by the windy prairie city's harsh, dry winters. Rand's ointment soon garnered rave reviews from other users and has been a bestseller in local retail outlets and holistic clinics ever since.

Since 1996, the River City Herbals product line - which now includes OM Lip Balm - has been picked up by more and more stores right across Western Canada.